How much do your rental vans cost?

We charge $185 per day for our rental vans.

How far can I drive your rental vans?

Rental vans can be driven up to 200 miles per day. For example, if you rent one of our vans for 3 days, you will be allotted a total of 600 miles to cover during your three days. The mileage count begins when you receive your rental, and is stopped when the rental is returned. You will be charged $0.55 per mile over your limit.

How fast can I drive the camper van?

We recommend you abide by all local traffic laws. We also believe that not exceeding 70 MPH will help you maintain the best control of the vehicle. When the van is fully equipped it is heavier than your average car. You will notice the extra weight when turning the vehicle and when you brake/slow down. Wind is also a big factor while driving a large vehicle. Please take the weather into consideration while planning your routes.

Where do I pick up and drop off the rental vans?

Pick up is in Bethlehem, NH. We offer drop off to anywhere within 120 miles of Bethlehem, NH. We charge $3 per mile on delivery, with a minimum fee of $150.

Can we bring pets?

Yes! We love animals and want you to enjoy your adventures with them. That said, if your animal damages the inside of the van you will be charged for the cost of the materials. Damage means breaking something, chewing through things, or urination that causes warping of the van materials from moisture damage.

Can we put a car seat for children in the rental vans?

We currently do not have a rental van that will allow a car seat to be secured to a back seat. Since we want families to explore, we are in the process of converting a van with a second row of factory installed seating. Please contact us for details about future availability.

Are your vans hard to drive?

You are seated higher up than the average car. There are also larger blind spots than your average car. We do feel that the vans are a quick learning curve to master. Furthermore, you have a backup camera and sensor to assist with any driving in reverse.

Can I smoke in your rental van?

Please don't! It will take us hours to clean out the smell. If cigarette or cigar smoke is detected, we will not refund the $500 deposit.

Can I provide my own van to be converted?

Yes. We can convert RAM Promaster, Mercedes Benz Sprinters, and Ford Transits. 

How much does a custom build cost?

The cost of your custom van will be dependent on the details that you choose to be included. Send us an email at topnotchvanco@gmail.com and we will forward you a pricing sheet. 

How long does it take to build a van out?

If you go with our standard build package, it will take about 4 months to complete your build from the day we have your van in our shop. We want you to feel good about the progress taking place and will send you project status updates every two weeks, until completion. If you are requesting a custom build out, we cannot provide a timeline until we agree on a design. The more complex the design, the longer it takes.

What features are included in your rentals?

Please refer to our Vans for Rent page, or to our Outdoorsy listing for those answers. If you don’t find what you are looking for, send us an email at topnotchvanco@gmail.com